Research Line Reading, Literature and Culture

Summary – The production of knowledge that articulates Reading, Literature and Culture challenges researchers to immediately face the problem of an epistemological nature that has historically sustained a production that is now consecrated and legitimized by the field of literature. Alongside this confrontation, it should bring out dislocations of discourses that embrace the diversity of productions that were on the margins of what the aesthetics of modernity defined as literary and artistic. From this perspective, reading/reception activities occupy a privileged space for recognizing the multiplicity of cultural expressions, which bring the marks of their borders and transits that operate in the alterity process. Through this lens, the research line in Reading, Literature and Culture privileges the study of literary productions and productions of marginalized and disqualified languages ​​in relation to hegemonic cultural practices. It investigates the trajectories of reading from a sociological, representational and aesthetic perspective of reception.

Research Line Languages, Discourse and Society

SummaryThe challenge posed to produce knowledge that relates Languages, Discourse and Society implies the problematization of the classic assumptions about the relationship between language, language and discourse and points out clues for advancing the understanding of this complex relationship, which is not restricted to the transmission of messages, but, above all, it involves the control, selection and reorganization of power in society. Thus, this research line includes projects in the area of rhetorical studies and argumentative processes, from the perspective of discourse analysis, discursive practices and linguistic diversity, having as a common horizon the vision of language as a practice that involves social actors, in discursive interaction, and the group to which they belong.